Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Arcane Fortress not only offers wholesale terms, but we sprinkle them with a touch of magic to make your business sparkle. You may contact us here.

Processing time at Arcane Fortress is faster than a wizard's spellcasting! On average, it takes us 1 business day, but fear not, we'll keep you updated every step of the way!

At the moment, our magical shipments soar across the enchanting lands of the USA, but fear not! Soon, our mystical reach will extend far and wide, spreading joy and wonder to even the farthest corners of the globe. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion journey!

Once your order embarks on its epic journey beyond the fortress walls, a majestic email carrying the sacred knowledge of tracking information shall wing its way to your inbox like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Of course! If you find yourself needing to cancel your order, just make sure to send us a message within 30 minutes of placing it. We'll summon our fastest courier pigeons to halt the process before your treasures embark on their journey. Click here

Ah, a common dilemma indeed! If you've accidentally steered your shipment toward the wrong port, fear not! Just send us an email with the correct coordinates, and we'll work our magic to reroute your treasures to their rightful destination. However, do be swift, for once the sails are set, it becomes trickier to alter the course of your enchanted cargo! Click here

For all your mystical queries and enchanted conundrums, simply cast your communication spell to Our team of sorcerers stands ready to assist you on your quest for knowledge and assistance! Click here

Absolutely! Behold, fellow adventurer, for we bestow upon thee a wondrous gift: a magical code granting 5% off your inaugural purchase of $40 or more. Simply sign up for our newsletter by clicking the “GET 5% OFF” button at the bottom left of your screen to unlock this magnificent boon and embark on your journey with greater prosperity!

For all matters concerning media inquiries or the sharing of ingenious ideas, direct your mystical missives to our support email at Our wizards and scribes eagerly await your communiqué to weave it into the fabric of our magical realm! Click here

Ah, aspiring to join the ranks of our esteemed Arcane Fortress ambassadors, are we? Fear not, noble soul, for the path to ambassadorship is within reach! Simply summon your digital messenger and dispatch an email to us, providing details of your social media or YouTube. Our council of enchanters shall then convene to assess the alignment of our stars and determine if our destinies are intertwined. Await patiently, for the winds of fate shall carry forth our decision unto thee!